Emma Bridgewater Hens Storage Caddies Set Of Three

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Hen Set of Three Boxed Caddies

Hen and cockerels of every type and colour are illustrated in fine detail on this set of three tin storage caddies in the Emma Bridgewater Hen & Toast design. The tins are decorated with colourful images of different breed of hen, combined with the elegant typography of the Black Toast range. The tins close tightly with an airtight metal lid and are perfect for a variety of kitchen uses, from tea caddy to biscuit or pasta storage. With their variety of pretty colours this set will complement any kitchen scheme and makes a lovely gift for a new home, birthday or Christmas.

Hen & Toast Range

Combining the Matthew Rice’s elegant Black Toast lettering with his farmyard illustrations from the Hen range, the Hen & Toast collection from Emma Bridgewater creates a beautifully rustic theme with statuesque cockerels and hens strutting across a rich cream background. This range brings an atmosphere of country life into your home.

Box Dimensions: 33cm wide x 11.5cm deep x 16cm high.